Play Terms


Currently January 18th

Games played: 50 (about 8 days to get to 50)

10 Games: Max 1 hour (jump ins)

10-Game Reports: 2-3 hours — can be done faster with an outline.

Look ahead: Play 20 games week of January 18

Final 10 games and playoffs begin Week of January 24

Playoffs: January 24-Feb 1.


Play full games:

  • Opening Week (with writeup)
  • Jump in next 10 games
  • 100% sim next 10
  • Sim/play terms in effect
  • All Star Game
  • Sim/play terms in effect
  • Playoffs

When to Sim?

  • If the team is in the top 4 of the standings DO NOT PLAY. Sim through games as long as we are in a high spot of standings.

When to play if Top 4? 

  • When playing the team under us and a loss would drop us beneath them (not MLB).
  • Try to end losing streak (play after 3 straight losses)

When not playing

  • Focus on using Points for Staff management, Sponsors, and other GM relationships
  • Look at upcoming schedule. Raise prices for popular must-see opponents
  • ALWAYS take first task in task panel. Then Staff. GMs.
  • Read Ticker. Read Social. Who’s hurt? Review my upcoming schedule and adjust.


  • End of month
  • Reports should focus on team performance.


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